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K. J. Beamish Construction Co., Limited is a family-owned business that began operations in February 1946 under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Kingston John Beamish. Over time, similar companies located in different areas of the province have been added to the corporate structure as Mr. Beamish’s vision of regional representation was realized.  The different companies falling under the Beamish umbrella are as follows: 


  • Cedarhurst Quarries & Crushing Limited
  • Ellwood Robinson Limited
  • K. J. Beamish Construction Co., Limited 
  • Royel Paving Limited
  • Sentinel Paving & Construction Limited


The Company has grown from humble beginnings, through economic peaks and valleys and today employs up to 600 people - generating Millions of dollars of construction related activity annually.  Approximately 25% of the revenues are generated from the private sector, the balance being generated from the government or public sector.  The development of the Company has been based on Mr. Beamish’s high standard of quality in all areas of operations.  The Beamish family objectives for the Company, as reflected in the mission statement remains unchanged 68 years later and that is - "All employees are committed to building a solid reputation based on providing quality products and services”. 

K.J. Beamish Construction Co., Limited has its head office in King City, Ontario.  Divisions and branch offices have been opened across central and northern Ontario to allow for geographical diversity. As a result, the Company has been able to offer quality products and services at competitive prices. 

KJB is recognized as an expert in the road building and maintenance industry.  This expertise evolved over many years.  It began through the business of road oiling and then surface treatment of county roads.  Asphalt paving and the manufacture of hot mix asphalt followed.  Gravel and quarry resources were purchased to provide aggregate for asphalt plants and local construction projects as well as sourcing to other external companies in the industry.

KJB entered the winter maintenance industry to assist in normalizing the revenue stream of the seasonal road construction industry.  This maintenance work has become a specialized activity generating significant business volume.  The benefits of entering this market early and obtaining expertise in this field were realized recently with the privatization of road maintenance in the province of Ontario when KJB was awarded several area maintenance contracts (“AMC”).  

The development of the industry’s first contractor laboratory, currently under the direction of Fernando Magisano, allows KJB to focus on its objective of providing quality produced road materials.  The laboratory allows KJB to handle the technical material requirements common in today’s road construction as well as develop new enhanced product mixes.   

Robin Beamish is the President of KJB with Linda Arthur (Beamish) providing leadership as Deputy Chairman.  Senior Vice-President, Robert Graham, oversees the daily operations of the entire group of companies.  The next level of management includes vice presidents and area managers: Allan West – Greater Toronto Area and York Region, Rick Geary – Simcoe County, John Thomas - Elliot Lake and Sudbury , Fernando Magisano - Quality Control and Jackie Li – Financial Controller.