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At K.J. Beamish Construction Co., Limited, we believe that all workers have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment, and therefore we will provide an environment where the risks are identified and managed as reasonably achievable.

At K.J. Beamish Construction Co., Limited, Occupational Health and Safety is an integral part of our business performance. Using the concept f the internal responsibility system, through open lines of communication, objective discussions and cooperation between workers, supervisors, management and the Joint Health and Safety Committee, the organization's objectives of a workplace free of hazards and illness can be achieved.

K.J. Beamish Construction Co., Limited and its affiliates have received numerous safety awards from industry associations recognizing our achievements in program development, staff training, industry contribution and safe work record accomplishments.

Over the years, our employees have participated in industry safety programs and have shared best practices with members of various construction associations. This participation and strong commitment at every level of our organization enables us to champion  safety and raise awareness of the critical importance of health and safety to the construction industry.