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K. J. Beamish Construction Co., Limited is pleased to offer our customers a wide variety of products and services. With a full compliment of specialized equipment and trained paving crews, we have the capacity to handle any size of project from parking lots to several kilometres of highway.

We offer a range of maintenance programs geared to suit your particular needs throughout the year, including crack sealing, asphalt patching, paving, winter salting and snow clearing.

Total quality control is assured by our certified laboratory. Our laboratory personnel design high quality, economical asphalt and aggregate products which withstand the rigours of our Canadian weather and provide exceptional service life.

Careful consideration to the effect on the environment is given within all of our operations and projects. We are committed to land restoration and rehabilitation and to developing new methods and products that meet environmental standards.

Our quality and expertise is time tested dating back to 1946. Feel free to contact us for more information and a free quote.